SoliPharma aims to identify solutions to unmet medical needs in the U.S, China, and other global markets. SoliPharma believes in a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship, via business partnership and/or product co-development.

SoliPharma's success in pharmaceutical industry has been rooted in the mission to bring challenging molecules to global markets and built on the passion to meet the needs of patient.

We are looking for partnership with manufactures, distributors and organizations that share our vision and values to deliver better life and health for patients.

SoliPharma has nearly 10 years years experience in pharmaceutical industry and market in China. We have rigorous experience in developing innovative drug product for China NMPA approval.
SoliPharma is actively looking for in-licensing drug products in the therapeutic areas of anti-infection/immunosuppresant, respiratory/allergy, and anesthetic/pain management.