From CEO

To all stakeholders,

Since the inception of SoliPharma, SoliPharma has experienced an exponential growth both in the type of services provided, as well as the breadth and depth of the product portfolio we own. On behalf of the entire management team, I want to express our sincere gratitude to all of your supports along the way.

Based on already demonstrated business model, SoliPharma strives to be a technology-driven and market-driven company, and will keep forging ahead on our path to success. I believe our ultimate success is to deliver and optimize share-holder value. On our path to success, we remember our first priority is always keep delivering our commitments to all shareholders.

The success of SoliPharma is predicated on customer experience and satisfaction. We bring confidence to our customer’s product development and new businesses. Through providing turn-key solutions (Soli-Tech), we help customers overcome technical and regulatory hurdles and ensure the success of our customer’s businesses.

I envision SoliPharma becomes a global specialty pharmaceutical company. I also want to thank all our business partners (API suppliers as well as FDF manufacturers) for your solid support for building mutually beneficial businesses one after another. On our path of growth, only with your continuous supports can SoliPharma achieve our challenging goals and bring value to every partner in the business we are building together.

SoliPharma is a young company. Bringing its vast of knowledge and experience accumulated in their previous work life in North America, the top management team also wants to create a friendly work environment for all employees for their future professional growth in the industry. We welcome talents to join SoliPharma and make your strokes on the canvas of the future SoliPharma.

Xiaoxia Sheng, Ph.D.
President & CEO